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Vision . . . . the Lord is faithful

The Bible says that the people will perish without a vision. The LORD is faithful to provide a "vision".

The Lord provided me with a vision for revival in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz means "Holy Cross". What a great place to have a revival. This county has over 200,000 people with only 6,000 professing Christians. The numbers are similar to some third world countries. Yet we see very minimal power in the church today. Some would say the simple answer is "SIN". Many would argue, where sin abounds grace abounds. In 1 Peter 1:15, the scripture says, "Be Holy as I am Holy". Obedience is critical to revive the professing Christians back to life or in fact to see them truly saved. The revived Christian will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness.

The 70/7's revival vision is the key to unlocking the power in preaching the Gospel. Jesus told Peter we must forgive our brother 70 times 7 in response to Peter's question of how many times should we forgive our brother when he sins against us. The church has vast amounts of unconfessed sins in many areas but the focus here is the lack of "FORGIVENESS" in the purported church. Jesus said we must forgive if we are to be forgiven.

Much of this sin exists in marriages, which represents a picture of Christ and His bride (the church). God is, in this hour, shaking up the church to cleanse His bride. Divorce is a form of emotional domestic violence which is wreaking havoc in the Church and in the secular world. As Christians divorce, satan is pleased because marriage is supposed to be a picture of Christ and His bride (the Church). The Church must repent and cease to divorce one another but rather we need to allow Jesus to grant us the grace to love one another and view our marriages as seriously as God views our marriages. We must honor our covenants with each other and God.

The next area we need to focus on is unity (Psalm 133) in our community with all churches focusing on the essentials. Most churches focus too much time and resources trying to appear as though they know the mysteries of this or that doctrine but fail miserably in truly loving God with all of their heart, mind, body and soul and loving their neighbor as themselves. 

Gideon Asked for a Sign . . . . and God gave a Sign

A Sign

Gideon asked for a sign. Many of us also ask for signs when we believe we have heard from God. I was believing God for the revival vision I shared on the section above regarding the 70/7's revival vision. I asked for a sign. The Lord responded within two days with an EARTHQUAKE at 7:07am in KONA on a Sunday morning in 2006 and the earthquake also hit in Soquel (which is in Santa Cruz County where we live). We own a home in Kona(Hawaii) and Soquel. Our son was married in Kona (Hawaii) to our daughter-in-law who was born in Kona and our grandson, Elijah Jaycub was born in Kona 8/24/04. Nothing happens by chance.


I received a dream where I was driving down the freeway and on the left and the right were EMT's (emergency vehicles) reviving people up and down the freeway; a sign I believe that the LORD wants to revive the dead things in this county.

Open air visions

I have seen many partial rainbows in the sky where no rain was present or forthcoming.


The LORD is a covenant God and this revival needs believers to be in covenant for revival.


During one service, when I was visiting a church that Bishop Daniel was visiting from India, I saw the Ezekiel 47 river flow from the altar into the streets of Santa Cruz. The next day it rained profusely . . . . the seeds of revival are here. Don't miss this move of God.

Coffee for Christ:

Phone: 831.785.6112 or 831.818.5783