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House of Ministry . . . . changing our downtown Santa Cruz through RECOVERY

-------   House of Ministry  ------


A DREAM for a ministry center


through enlargement of a Christian,

BIBLE BELIEVING presence in downtown Santa Cruz.


Opportunity: We are looking for a storefront in downtown Santa Cruz that will serve as a outpost for downtown Santa Cruz ministry. We want to offer coffee at a dollar a cup with lots of space to talk with other Christians, listen to Christian Bands or music CD's, or watch Christian movies as an alternative to the secular world. A place where there is a 24/7 prayer room in the back offering round the clock prayer for healing, salvation and deliverance. It will serve as a multi-purpose building with multiple ministry organizations using the same building at perhaps the same time. The sky is the limit and even God widens the possibilities when He said, "No one knows the height, the width, nor the depth of His love."


Where: Let's find a downtown store front on or building close to Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz for multi-purpose evangelism--long or short term use. May God make available opportunities for churches, ministry groupings, and/or individuals to rent space by the day, portion or a day, or by the hour (with approved evangelism application).


Suggested Uses:

  • 24/7 House of Prayer
  • Drop in Prayer Center
  • Church sponsored Healing Rooms
  • Affordable Church Outposts
  • Strategic Prayer Walk Center
  • Downtown Coffee House
  • School of Ministry
  • Sleeping space for Out of Town Evangelistic Teams
  • City Transformation Leadership Meetings

Provided Equipment: SCR will provide a big screen TV, organ, amp, speakers, PA, DVD, mics, and miscellaneous sound equipment, espresso machine and limited supplies. Also available will be 40 chairs and other equipment. We will need desk, file cabinet, room dividers, office supplies, and kitchen paper supplies.


Expense Estimate: Rent will be approximately $3,000.00 month (2 year Lease) (1200sqft.)  for a building big enough for 300 people to be able to meet for worship. A smaller one or two room conseling space will be $1,000.00/month. Insurance $1,000.00/yr.   Utilities: $1,000.00/yr.   Parking fee $300.00/yr. With economic change, prices will go up or down, but with God all things are possible.


Income: Renters and/or donations. First long term renting commitment-- Santa Cruz Revival will rent three hours on the weekend (flexible hours as many outreaches are beyond the walls of the building) and is committing  $500.00/month plus the insurance costs and provides use of equipment listed above. Another group would like to contract to use the facility for $500/month.


            We need 4 more ministries at $500/month and some partners at $100/month to support the House of Grace ministry opportunity. Perhaps you have wanted to minister or support others who want do evangelism downtown? Invest today while there is time. Together our Christian community can accomplish great things. Consider a COVENANT to share costs. Please call Ron Scadina 831-465-0616.

Opportunity to . . . . raise funds for this project

Coffee for Christ:

Phone: 831.785.6112 or 831.818.5783